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הקולקציה החדשה של נטע דובר- דגמים ייחודיים, מלאים רומנטיקה וחן

2020 Couture Collection

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אודות נטע דובר


Born in 1974 in the holy city of Jerusalem. Neta Dover is a leading Israeli bridal designer with years of experience and dedication for producing innovative bridal couture of the highest quality.


The common thread running through her  wedding  dress collections is elegance, glamorous in design and sophisticated style. Behind this lies meticulous and skilled workmanship with emphasis placed on perfect fit, structure and proportion.


Being passionate about her designs, Neta understands how a woman should look and pulls this into her designs, creating a well fitting handmade wedding dress based on high quality fabrics, uniqueness and premium level finishes.

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הקולקציה החדשה - FINESSE

נטע דובר גאה להציג את הקו החדש שלה, קולקציית FINESSE 2020

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- יצירת קשר -

פייר קניג 28 תלפיות, ירושלים


טל- 02-5638883


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